Dawit is 9 years old!

We had a week-long birthday celebration with Grandma from WI.


For anyone who still checks our little blog, a photo update of Dawit. He’s turning 9 in September.

Halloween 2008


Robin and Hermoine–fighting crime and casting spells.


MaryAnn, Gilligan, Ginger and the Professor.  The coconuts became the in-demand dancing prop at a party we attended in Hartford.

I’m here, I’m here. Busy. Also there’s the pesky job, Facebook, PTO, and 2nd grade math homework. Back to the fun with kids:

I need to get this down before my kids stop doing it and it disappears from my memory. They have two topics they discuss in back of the white minivan: Cook Crabs and the Nose Mall.

You see, each time you leave the highway on an exit with a “2” in it, you’re headed for the Nose Mall. If you’re lucky, you have Lily and Dawit in the car to help navigate such a perilous situation. It requires special clothing, food, and a decontamination after you escape. There are hours of details invented and remembered and built upon.

Then there are the Cook Crabs. They are creatures that live in our walls, and travel on various errands with us in my bags. They are also able to teleport via baby-changing stations in public restrooms. It’s unclear if they pose any danger, Lily and Dawit are usually gleeful that they are around, but sometimes try to stomp them.

I’ve taken to simply playing along–they both laugh like hyenas when I ask them about the Cook Crabs at school. Apparently Cook Crabs don’t go to school. Who knew?

Birthday Boy

Dawit is six today!  He is stretching out this birthday as long as possible–it started on Saturday with a bowling party, continues today with a party at school and Ethiopian food this evening, and anticipating the arrival of the BOX.  You know, the box from Granny.

100% Puppy. She’s a yellow lab / golden retriever mix, and her name is Chloe. Her eyes are just the same color as her fur. I may as well have an 18 month old human baby.

Antics include:

  • In the dishwasher. Completely inside.
  • Wearing my cell phone and charger like a scarf.
  • Causing an emergency surgery (stitching) for an elephant Webkinz
  • Breaking-out of crate, leaping of baby gates to attack large herd of unicorns.
  • Sampling every plant.
  • Falling off bed while sleeping.
  • Peeing. A lot. On everything.
  • Breaking glasses and dishes.
  • Slicing the screen on the dining room window and hoisting herself thru off the deck.
  • Making the puppy face so I forgive her.