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Brittany, Amy and Fred are in town.  Amy brought noisy toys and gadgets for the kids, and set a dangerous precedent in the back yard by going down the tube slide over and over.


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Addis blog

Meskel Square is a great blog by a journalist living in Addis Ababa.  Be sure to check out the photos, too. 

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Bedtime has become easier.  Dawit has slept all night in his own bed two nights in a row.  Lily enjoys reading to him. 

I spend a good part of the day listening to tattling in both Amharic and English.

Today I’m going to attempt a Target run with both kids.  Wish me luck.

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Dawit speaks Amharic.  I know the basics to communicate with a little kid:  bread, thank you, poop, pee….you get the idea. 

He knew the ABC’s when we met him, and a few random phrases.  Today, he’s using lots of English.  He’s getting used to the pets.  When we see Wednesday(our no-eyed cat), we usually say her name.  Dawit shakes his head and says “no, Friday”.  I heard “please, Mommy” today, and “come on, Lily!”  Not to mention “hello Grandma” to my mom on the phone.

The four of us managed to go to Home Depot and the grocery store today, and we didn’t even lose a kid.  I think it’ll all be OK. 

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First snow!

Yes, it was fun!  Pink boots and all!

We had visits today from Keri and Ken, Heidi and Bill.  Dawit is a very happy kid.  We’ve had our 3-year old moments, but mostly he’s all smiles.

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