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It’s Spring


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Dawit is speaking completely in English. Granted, sentence structure and pronunciation are a variation all his own, but we understand him.

A few examples: He learned the phrase “close the door”. Now, if he wants anything closed, he uses it. “Close the door window”, “close the door zipper”, “close the door door”.

To terrorize his sister: “Dawit banana one, yes. Lily banana no”.

Describing his medicine: “Dawit med-in-a-cin yummy, no”

He can throw his head back and turn on the tears just like any American 3-year old. He hit the floor in Walgreens this week to protest a decision I made. Face down and howling.

Mostly, he’s charming and learning to play well with Lily. He seems more adept at playing with her than her with him. But overall, we’re having more fun everyday. They both enjoy the mud in the backyard, but everytime Lily picks up a bug, Dawit screams in terror.

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First Easter Basket

We’ve colored eggs this week, and found many signs of Spring in our yard. Today the FedEx man brought a big package with the kids’ names on it. It never made it past the hall, they were so excited that they sat right down on the floor to open it.

Grandma knows just what little kids like.

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I signed up for this?

Dawit, Lily, and I went to Target today. The kids insisted on riding in one of those carts that has an extension and two plastic seats for bigger kids. It was like pushing an unwilling ox through the store.

Here’s the scene and why we got many amused smiles and some annoyed looks: Dawit in a Spiderman tee shirt, jeans, and a Strawberry Shortcake baseball hat. Lily in spring-happy-flowered pants, hot pink shirt, red cowboy boots. The two of them fake-burping to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It…”

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Still here!

Finally back online thanks to some very generous friends. As soon as I have this Mac all figured out, I’ll post new photos and video.

Dawit is speaking only in English. He loves Clifford, bananas, Itsy-Bitsy spiders, purple, computer games, slides, anything with wheels, beets, Coca-Cola (no, I don’t give it to him), bubbles. Doesn’t love: pasta, bread, cake, dogs, when Lily’s not home.

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