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Wisconsin Highlights

The party for my mom’s 60th birthday was a huge success.  We had almost 100 people, everyone had fun, and the newest arrivals to the family were able to meet many cousins, aunties and uncles.  My mom is one of a family of thirteen, so each time I visit I meet new cousins.  Dawit and twin two-week old girls Summer and Savannah were a big hit.

Other Wisconsin updates:

  • Lily caught her first fish
  • Dawit still recoils in terror when “cheese” is mentioned
  • It’s been ridiculously hot
  • Cousin Brittany has been a great sport, the kids are riding on her back
  • Dawit has mastered the art of getting Grandma to do/buy/make anything for him
  • Dawit fell in the pool (again)
  • Auntie Amy’s house is the “funnest place in the whole entire world” with a  trampoline, pinball games, swimming pool, pond, treehouse, and 2-week old puppies

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Say “Cheese”!

We’re off to Wisconsin! With any luck, I’ll be able to update on the festivities from there.


Thinking about Dawn, who is in Addis right now getting to know her 3-year old son!  Can’t wait to hear about it.

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Happy Planet Index

Ethiopia ranks #144 on the Happy Planet Index. The US ranks #150.

Having visited, I’m not surprised that Ethiopia ranks higher than the States. Despite conditions most Americans can’t imagine, the people are sincere, loving, and smile a lot. And have I mentioned that Dawit is the happiest kid I know?

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Fresh Air Poisioning

We went to Cape Cod with another family of the Purple Folder Crew for a few days, and the list of activities included many firsts for Dawit:

  • a dip in the ocean
  • sandcastle
  • water balloons
  • sleeping bag
  • sleepover
  • asking to go to bed at seven
  • thanking me for moving Lily to another room (so he could sleep)

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Happy 4th!

Upon hearing the explanation that it was the United States of Amercia’s birthday, Dawit had just one question:  Dawit eat cake?

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