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Aggressive salespeople

Last week Dawit and Lily had a lemonade stand while we had a garage sale. They make a huge sign together–I wish I had thought to take a photo. There were pictures of Superman and Unicorn Girl (a superhero with a magic horn) painstakingly drawn by the kids, and LEMONADE written in bold letters in the center. Both kids signed their names, too. Lily wrote in small pink letters at the top, and Dawit signed in letters that overshadowed the rest of the sign. He also signed with his classic upside down W, making the sign read




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Happy Birthday Dawit!

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Birthday Party!

Dawit will be 4 years old next week.  He will have his first-ever birthday party on Sunday, with “pupcakes” and a pinata.  The theme is Superheroes, and this costume, along with a pile of Superman stuff, arrived from Grandma today.  We had to pry him out of it to put him to bed.

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Unexpected sadness

Tonight I put a sad little boy to bed, crying for his family in Ethiopia.  We re-hashed the entire time we spent in Ethiopia.  He remembers every detail, down to the pattern on his clothing each day.  He asked questions about how we knew who and where his was, and why we wanted him.  He cooked up a plan to communicate with family there, as he’s lost most of his Amharic.  He said that he’s glad to be here, but then asked to stop talking about it with tears in his eyes.

He just popped into this room with one more question:  “what is {my family} eating now?”  Then he imagined a delicious meal for them:  injera and doro wat.
I have no idea what we’ll face in the long term, as far as him adjusting.  The day-to-day has been flawless, it took me by surprise that he still recalls so much detail.   I won’t make all the details of our adoption process public, especially the ones surrounding Dawit’s personal story, but our transition has been fairly easy.  I’m sure you can see that from reading this blog.  I just reassure him that we can visit some day, we recognize the incredible loss in his life, and try to support him the best we can.

Tomorrow is his first day of preschool.  He suggested sending a letter to Ethiopia to let relatives know.  I think we’ll do just that.

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August Update

Big sister Lil started Kindergarten yesterday.  Dawit didn’t know what to do with himself for the almost seven hours she was gone.  He asked all day “Lily’s coming soon?”  Apparently playing Go Fish is way more fun with her than Daddy.  He starts preschool next week, and he can’t wait to eat lunch there.  He’s actually eating peanut butter sandwiches now. (having expanded his taste from bacon, corn, bacon, oranges, and bacon)  When asked what else I should list here about him, he came up with:

  • his new bunk beds
  • his clothes for the wedding tomorrow (he calls it a wedding costume)
  • his Spiderman lunchbox

Here’s what I came up with:

  • size 3T is way too small.  It fit when he came home in March.
  • His speech may be better than an average 4-year old
  • He has big plans for his 9/18 birthday:  chocolate cake.  With M&Ms.
  • He is great at sharing and has an easy-going temperament
  • Other parents have commented on his obvious athletic ability.  A lot.

He’s adorable, so happy, and we’re more and more in love with him each day.

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