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First visit from Santa

I like this photo, Dawit is sitting next to the ornament with a photo of him from last year. He was still in Ethiopia a year ago, and we were hoping to travel to get him before Christmas last year. We didn’t travel until February.

Santa brought his sled! All we need is snow.

Both Lily and Dawit have been sick.  We’ve done a lot of relaxing and watching videos.  (At least they are not missing school!)

More images from Christmas morning.

Hope you all had a great holiday!


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A trip to the mall to visit Santa yesterday sparked the following vocabulary mix-ups from the little charmer:

Can we go on the alligator? (escalator)

Mommy, are you driving the speed-lemon? (limit)

Wow, did you see that house all gatorade? (decorated)

Our visit with Santa was great, Dawit was so excited I thought he would burst into flames. He asked for a sleigh (he means sled), a batman costume, and tools like Daddy’s.

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Jingle Bells, jingle bells…

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Mommy, help! I can’t stop hiccing-up!

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Ethiopia News

Ethiopia’s ex-dictator convicted of genocide

BBC profile of Mengistu Haile Mariam 

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