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How soon we forget…

Dawit has been home with us for almost one year, and I’ve already almost completely forgotten the extreme stress we were feeling a year ago in waiting to travel to bring him home.  Last January was long and painful, waiting for the call that the paperwork was done in Ethiopia and we could go get him.

The not knowing if he was OK, if he would be OK with us, jumping each time the phone rang, how would Lily handle it, I can’t possibly wait one more minute, what on earth have we done, will we love him as much as Lily, what size clothes will he need, can I cook Ethiopian food, how can we leave Lily for 10 days, what is he doing right now, does he know we’re coming, if I could only have a date to focus on the universe would be in order…

Now, on the other side, it’s easy to forget how hellish the not-knowing time was.   Now we revel in the charming botched English, singing in the bathtub, secret weddings to Lily, growing from size 3T to 5 in one year, learning to read, making friends, the joy of birthday parties, snuggling in bed early in the morning, Candyland and Go Fish, dreaming of all the possibilities that await both kids…

Over at the Purple Folder Adventure, they are on the rollercoaster of the the not knowing time.  Hoping that the carousel is in the near future.


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If you ever found yourself in an intense game of charades or 20 questions, I’m quite good! My conversation with Dawit on the way home from school:

Me: What did you talk about at school today?

Him: You know, that guy who tells us what to do.

Me: Do you mean the President?

Him: Yeah, you know, the boss.

Followed by me admiring his fancy newspaper hat:

Me: Tell me about this.

Him: The teachers folded it, I gatoraded it with a feather. (decorated)

Me: Is it a President’s hat?

Him: No, it’s for riding a pony.

It took a second, but Yankee Doodle came to mind pretty quickly.

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The Timket party was nice, there is a big group of Rhode Island families who organize many activities for families with connections to Ethiopia.  There was drumming and coffee and lots of networking.  Lily wondered if anyone would mistake her for a little Ethiopian girl.   There were about 100 people there, Dawit was excited to wear his special clothes.


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Happy Timket

The largest church in Ethiopia is the The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, and they are celebrating the Feast of the Ephiany today. They use the Ge’ez Calendar, also known as the Ethiopian Calendar. It’s 1999 now, and September will mark the turn of the year.

Timket is the biggest holiday in Ethiopia, with beautiful costumes and parades.

Visit here to see beautiful photos by Jill Jennings.

Color photos including some from Lalibela.

Photos from the celebration in Addis Ababa.

Be sure to visit Meskel Square, a blog by journalist Andrew Heavens, living in Ethiopia. He posts links to his fabulous photos from this year and last.

We are going to a Timket celebration tomorrow in Providence, RI. I’m sure I’ll have some photos to share!

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Good thing he’s cute…

Is there any creature more self-absorbed than a 4-year old?

Last night, Lily had an acute allergic reacation to a medication. She’s fine, but our evening consisted of a 911 call, ambulance ride, and ER visit. Dawit slept blissfully through the 4 firefighters, 1 policeman, and 2 paramedics in our livingroom, and I packed his backpack and woke him to bring him to Heidi’s while John rode with Lily in the ambulance. We were home from the ER around 3 am. Long, stressful night.

This morning, John went to get Dawit. The first thing I hear as he burst through the door is “where’s mommy?” So I run to greet him, thinking he’s been stressed by this experience, too. Worried about his sister, being moved in the middle of the night, must have been tough on him.

Our conversation:

Me: Hi Sweetie! How’d you do at Aunti Heidi’s house?

Dawit: (pulling up pantlegs, seriously upset with me) Uh, fine…Mommy? You forgot my socks!!

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A true testament

If you know Lily, then you know her unicorns.  A whole herd, and each of them “too special” to come into human contact with anyone else but her.  Until tonight.

By the way, a precursor to Dawitisms was the equally charming Lilyisms.

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Just plain cute

They are completely in love with each other today.  They made a pact (while strapped into their carseats) not to argue anymore.  Ever.  It lasted all day!

I heard a secret wedding take place in the bathroom just before this photo was taken.  I don’t have the heart to explain to them that it’s not likely to happen.

The best part about this adoption adventure has been watching their relationship.  Kids are simply amazing.

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