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It’s been one year.  We just love him.  Especially his big sister–she says “it was the most special day of my life when you came to our house.”

We are a blessed and lucky family…in so many ways.


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Dear Kindergarten Teacher

Dear Kindergarten Teacher,

My children are convinced that everything you say is the absolute truth.  They have taken your snow-producing spell and made it a part of our night-time routine.  Added to the usual bedtime struggle are three new steps:  PJs backwards, spoon under pillow, snow dance and chant.  When it snows tomorrow night as forecast, you will be credited with the brillant plan.

Can you get them to clean the playroom?  Take off their muddy shoes before tromping through the house?   Get out the door smoothly in the morning?  Convince Dawit to eat something other than bananas?



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The Crew

Toomey General Construction added two crew members today.  They will be completing the installation of a screened-in porch, and making a run to Home Depot to get supplies.  They are a good pair, Lily likes to talk through the process and keep everyone on task, while Dawit buzzes around and works non-stop.  He is such a hard worker!

Both kids have discovered the concept of money this week, and have made little purchases with their dollars.  Lily bought two small craft projects at Target, one for each of them.  Now Dawit is concerned about coming up with the cash to buy something for his sister.  How cute are they?  So, Dawit vacuumed the upstairs and cleaned the playroom, and now they’re off to earn some $ in the field with John.

Lily is learning about how to manage her money, so she is saving some (a trip to Paris), spending some (crafts and unicorns), and giving some (to an animal shelter).  So far, Dawit only wants to spend–a Spiderman wallet and McDonald’s.

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Hard to believe

Look at what we were doing one year ago this week!

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Hold on to your hat…

Dawit found these shoes in the basement last night. I have a big box of clothes that have been passed on for him, and in it he found these light-up-when-you-stomp sneakers. When asked if they helped him to run fast, he relpied “yes”, and “they make me feel like a cool breeze”.

He did try to sleep in them. When forced to remove them, he settled for sleeping near them. (next to pillow) Then, when he got up today, he got dressed before he even left his room in order to maximize contact with his flashy new footwear.

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The first time we saw Dawit at the orphanage, he was in a classroom full of children.  They were all coloring quietly.  Dawit was coloring a picture of a hockey player.   Now look at him in his own hockey gear!  Not bad for a kid who spent most of his life a few degrees from the equator.

Today was 30 degrees, and felt balmy in the sun compared to the brutal cold of this past week.  Dawit is hoping for a possible snowstorm this week, as he hasn’t been able to try out his sled yet.

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A letter from Ethiopia

We got a letter from Dawit’s father!  Actually, it’s a Christmas card with a handwritten letter included.  It’s written in English, so someone must have helped him.  Maybe from the agency?  The tone is very sweet and grateful.  He says that he saw some photos of “Dawit and his sister”, and that Dawit looks happy and well.

So far, most everyone that we’ve shared it with has ended up crying.  I’m just so excited!  That he would take the initiative to contact us is astounding to me.  We did tell him (while we were in Ethiopia) that we would welcome communication.  I’m so very happy he sent a letter!  It has a photo of him on the bottom, and Dawit shouted out his name when he saw it.  He is so proud, he plans to take it for show and tell at preschool.

I asked Dawit if he would like to write him his own letter, and so far he has declined.  But he wants me to write one, and these are the points he feels should be included:

  • he goes to school
  • he’s a fast runner
  • he has many toys
  • he loves superheroes
  • he likes his bedroom and house
  • he has a lot of fun with his sister
  • he has a Grandma in Wisconsin, and she loves him.  Also, she sends                         boxes (in the mail)

Did you notice how me & daddy didn’t get a mention?  I’ll just take that as a sign of a well-adjusted 4-year old.  Maybe he takes us for granted, which is what a kid should do at this age.  He occasionally mentions that he is a lucky boy because he has two families.
I can’t believe it’s been almost a year!

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