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Rhyme Celebration

 Last night it was Lily’s turn to be on stage, reciting poetry in French.  Her poem was a sweet conversation between a snail and a butterfly.  She even accessorized for the evening with a necklace, earrings, and hair thingy.  This is very unusual for Lily, she’s not into fluff and frill.  Dawit told her she looked nice, and put on his “fancy” clothes to cheer her on from the audience:

Here she is on stage.  These are all kids from her elementary school.  She had her own microphone for the recital, and loved it.  They were selling DVDs of the show, and now she’s convinced that she’s a Francophile Superstar.


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Opening Matinee

Dawit did a great job as little Mowgli!  The musical has been a huge success.   Almost 5,000 people come to see it in the course of a week–amazing for a middle school production.  The big kids were so great with Dawit, making him comfortable onstage.  He had to play with his wolf-cub “brothers and sisters”–tug-o-war, tickles, jumping and tackling.  Adorable.

Here he is with his wolf-mommy just before the show:

He doesn’t call Mowgli a man-cub, he prefers to be called a jungle superhero. 

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More snow!

We got 12 inches of snow yesterday!  The kids are thrilled, but I’m hoping it’s the last of the messy stuff for the year.  We spent the afternoon at a b-day party with all of their favorite things:  pizza, farm animals, cake, and sledding.  I dared to hope that they would be tired, but they already want to go back out and make a snow fort.

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Dawit on The Jungle Book set.

If you’re local, watch Fox61 news tonight at 10:00pm for a preview of the show.  You may even see Dawit rehearsing!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Countdown to Jungle Book

We have 2 more rehearsals until Dawit performs onstage in the middle-school production of The Jungle Book. 

Here’s the young Mowgli riding out onto stage on one of his wolf-cub brothers.  It’s followed by about 2 minutes of wrestling, tickling, tug-of-war, and playtime with the wolf family.  Too cute!

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Dawit lost a tooth today.  Not in the usual way, this one had to be removed.  He was a trooper, and all’s well now.

His sister, who has 5 teeth worth of experience (and 4 more loose), was able to offer Dawit some advice and direction in terms of the Tooth Fairy.  He had made a sweet little tooth holder at preschool, and Lily instructed him on how to put it under his pillow.  They tried it out, imagining exactly how the fairy would enter the room and find the tooth and place to leave the cash.  They became concerned that the fairy may be confused and go to Ethiopia.  Or maybe to Lily’s room.  How could they help guide her?  They made construction paper arrows to put all through our house, leading to Dawit’s pillow.  This seemed satisfactory to them both.  Lily proclaimed that if she should find dollars under her pillow tonight, she would surrender them to Dawit because that fairy might not know what she’s doing.  There was endless discussion about how she might enter the house, and get into his room, because he likes the door closed.   Oh, the excitement!

Ultimately, just before bed, Dawit decided that he didn’t want this creepy character in his room while he slept, and left his tooth holder on his door. 

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