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The Box

Many boxes from Grandma have arrived on our doorstep since Dawit has been with us.  He has a little ritual of checking for items on the front porch.  This week, a Priority Mail box was waiting for us.  It was addressed to me, and much to Dawit’s dismay it contained only almond flour that I had ordered online.

Why did Granma send you cooking stuff, and she didn’t send me anything?

There is no convincing him that the box did not come from ‘Sconsin.  Today there was a blue plastic bag containing the new phone directories on our front step.

Doesn’t Granma know that we already have one of these?


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Le Tour Eiffel

Each week, Lily has a home assignment to come up with words that start with a specific letter.   This week the letter is “A”.  So we spent some time as we walked the dog this morning coming up with “a” words.  Apple, angel, airplane, airport, angry…etc.  Dawit chimes in:

Dawit:  I know!  Lily’s favorite:  Awful Tower!

I ponder this for a minute…it often takes a try or two to decipher Dawitish…

Me:  Do you mean Eiffel Tower?

Dawit:  No, Mommy!  That starts with “I”!  The Awful Tower!

Me:  Oh, I see.  But I think you’re talking about the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  And sometimes those words that start with vowels are hard to sound out.

Dawit:  Oh, darn it.  I thought it was the Awful Tower ’cause it’s awfully tall.

Lily:  Dawit, you’re so cute!

Really, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

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Play ball!

Baseball started today.  I managed to get them on the same team, which will make our Saturday mornings much more manageable.  Lily is the only girl on the team, and she’s quite proud of herself.  Dawit, of course, is taking this baseball stuff very seriously.  You should hear him growl when he hits the ball!

We got the gardens ready to plant today as well.  Lily found a salamander in the herb garden, and toted him around for awhile, making Dawit scream in horror.  Really, he screamed.  And then shouted to the universe:  no lizards for Dawit! 

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Do something about this

Abebech discusses the “Adoption is the New Black” t-shirt dilemma and declares it rant-worthy.  I agree. If you haven’t heard, Urb@n Outfitters created an adoption t-shirt.

It appears the shirt is no longer available.  Hop on over to A New Flower Blooms and read about it, and maybe make some noise by emailing the company.

Commentary and numbers to call over at Swerl, too.   Actually, it’s possible to read about this issue on many adoption blogs at this point.

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Erin, from Holding Still is on her way to Ethiopia to meet her two boys!

She’s going to try and blog while there at Sonshine.

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Dawit had a breakthrough in the eating department this week. He was putting on a good show for Grandma, and decided to try something new and exciting: a hamburger bun. Yes, expanding his horizons to include different forms of white bread. He choose the package, and picked buns with seasame seeds. Adventurous, eh?

Here he is, carefully planting some seasame seeds, convinced he’s growing a bun tree.

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Crocodile Tears

Our 10 days with Grandma is already over.  Lily and Dawit had huge tears after taking her to the airport.  I distracted them by planning sleeping arrangements for when she comes again..with Auntie Amy and Brittany.

Dawit, of course, looked for a box from Grandma as soon as we got home from taking her to the airport.

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