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At the beach


We spent a delightful couple of days on Cape Cod.  Too cold for swimming, but fun nonetheless.


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The Turning Spell

I’ve been reading a series of books to Lily called My Secret Unicorn.  Lauren is the central character, and with the help of a special book she discovers that her pony is actually a unicorn.  She has the power to turn the pony into a unicorn by saying the Turning Spell at dusk while holding moonflowers.  Oddly enough, moonflowers happen to grow on our deck.

Tonight, Lily spotted a star in the sky at dusk.  She was very excited, and proclaimed:

it has to be the star!  I know  it can’t be a broken-down airplane or helicopter!

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They’ve got style


You can sense their personalities in the T-ball swing.  Lily has a relaxed, “la-di-da” swing, she takes her time and thinks about each part of her body as directed.  Coach calls it a “Ted Williams” swing.  Dawit takes the more intense approach, attempting to smash the ball as quickly as possible.  Lily needs to be reminded to run.  Dawit, as you can imagine, doesn’t need a reminder.

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Any food that contains a part that one does not eat is known as “on the cob” in Dawitish:

  • mango on the cob
  • chicken on the cob
  • avocado on the cob
  • peach on the cob

(some things are too cute to correct)

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Backyard Summer Cuteness


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Welcome Home Lily!

Lily just arrived home from 2 weeks in Mexico.  Here she is getting off the “plane” with her suitcase filled with souvenirs.  At the Fiesta we heard songs and had snacks and previewed a book of work from the entire year.  Kindergarten is such fun!

They made and broke a pinata.  Check out the sombreros!

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Just for Gramma

Auntie Heidi and I are having visions of prom.  Princess Madi was born in Russia.  Dolly, who goes everywhere with her, is dressed to match for graduation.   They could be in the same Kindergarten class in the fall, I’m crossing my fingers.

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