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The kids have discovered a couple of on-line kid sites and often ask to use the computer in recent weeks. Today I left them side by side in my bedroom taking care of their virtual online pets. As I left the room, they were discovering the joys of virtual smoothie-making and reading recipes.

As I started dinner, Lily informed me that “something” happened to the fan. I check it out, and our ceiling fan is no longer functioning. (please note that tomorrow is the start of August, and we do NOT have air conditioning.)

I sat them down side by side again for questioning. It appears that the virtual pets were abandoned for the thrill of hooking my favorite bra around one of the paddles of the fan, inserting a stuffed unicorn in this makeshift hammock, and turning the fan on to watch Sparkles fly about the room.

Edited to add: I just found Sparkles half under a table, and she was properly protected for her flight with a helmet and knee pads.


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(I asked for their best gonna-get-the-bad-guys faces)

We went to a HUGE birthday party this weekend, BBQ, band, hayrides, glowsticks, 1940’s airplane took off and landed right in the field, and after all that…”tenting”.   They’re sleepy cowpokes today.  The cowboy theme was fun, and the whole family played.  John is the nicest bad guy around.

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In parts of Africa, up to 75% of the babies born stand to lose their mothers, who are HIV+, to AIDS-related illnesses. Without intervention, more than a quarter of these children will themselves inherit the virus. An entire generation is at stake.

Go check out this amazing organization.

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Or have returned recently, click below to read the CDC advisory regarding Hepatitis A:

(thanks Lester!)


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Dinner with Dawit

What fresh new hell is this? Eggplant?

Well, I’ll move it around a bit.

But the sky will fall before I take a bite.

Can I be done?

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Birthday wishes

Today is my birthday, and my kids spent the entire day wanting to wait on me.  Yes, this sounds very relaxing…until I realized (about 15 minutes into it) that this would mean I would spend a good part of the day coming up with things for them to do for me and then feigning extreme gratitude with each task completed.

So we went blueberry picking.  This took the pressure off me, and kept them quite busy.  In the late afternoon, I asked them to help weed the front walk, and they both protested.  Life back to normal.  Lily instead focused on making me a cake from dirt, flowers, and leaves.  We follow a strict diet called The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and Lily knows that making a cake without grains and sugar is no small feat.

She delivered said cake to me on her bike, proudly proclaiming that it was a special cake from the Pacific Turbohydrated Diet.

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Summertime Dawitish

We had a stellar 4-year old day:

In addition to deleting my entire photo library, dropping a cooler of lemonade on the floor, and spilling Coke on a piano keyboard, yesterday’s Dawitish was great:

Mommy, I can’t find any short-sleeved pants!

and in helping come up with possible consequences for not listening the first time (an ongoing issue)…an exercise in torture for the little brother:

I’ll play unicorns with Lily all day.

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