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The photo shoot

Lily and I do some advocacy work for women and children with heart disease. Yes, we both have heart disease. We were featured in a public awareness campaign through Womenheart a couple of years ago, and most recently Women’s Day magazine is bringing attention to the issue in an article that shares my journey with heart disease, and a photo of me with the kids that will be in the February issue.

This is photographer Adam Olszewski preparing for a “behind the scenes” shot. Both stuffed animals made it into the final shot. Thankfully I didn’t browse his site before our session, I didn’t have any idea that he had photographed half the famous people in NYC. He was great with the kids, and put me at ease even though I was way out of my comfort zone with a short little dress and striking runway poses.

Lily and Dawit posed with me for the Red Dress shot. Lily wore a red dress, too…and Dawit wore a red tie and black/white jacket. He wanted make-up so badly that the wardrobe stylist finally faked putting some on him. The makeup stylist said his skin was “flawless”. He loved the whole process–from choosing the clothes to posing. He tried on every pair of sparkly women’s shoes he could find.

The concept was that we were the real women behind the Red Dress Project. Each year many designers create new dresses in red to promote awareness of the dangers of women and heart disease. Famous women model them during Fashion Week in February. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to the show for the past couple of years.

*Edited to add:  Forgot to mention that we were in the Peter White studio in NYC, with an amazing view of lower Manhattan.  Not a bad way to spend the day.


Print PSA featuring me and Lily

Red Dress Collection 2007


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At the dinner table

We were all seated at the dinner table, and the kids were doing surprisingly well with their manners.  Until this:

Dawit:  Grandma, how old are you?

Lily:  Dawit!!  It’s not appropriate to ask old people how old they are! 

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Countdown to Grandma

The kids are getting out of school early to pick up Granny from the airport today.  Dawit is excited because she usually brings presents, and makes him tacos.  Lily is excited to do crafts with her and drink mint tea out of her unicorn mugs.  I am excited to maybe go on a date with my husband.  (and of course to see my mom!)

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Pony party

Not even Hurricane Noel brushing by New England could stop the party. It was pouring rain when we left the house to go to the party yesterday, but as we approached the farm about 7 miles NW of us, the sky cleared and there was no rain at all! About 13 of Lily’s friends and classmates attended.

Lily and Waffle:

Then we had a dinner of her choice (lasagna and brussels sprouts).  Time goes by so quickly. Where have the last seven years gone?

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Happy Birthday Lily!

Lily will be 7 years old tomorrow.  We’ve planned a farm party complete with pony rides.  Cross your fingers for no rain!  The box has already arrived from Granny, so she had a fabulous outfit for school today.  She thinks she looks Parisian.  Party pics soon…

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