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Happy Christmas!

And anything else you may celebrate. We’ve had a relaxing day–gifts, SCD dinner, and a fire. Pyjamas all day long. The “talkie-talkies” were opened today, and Dawit said “I’ve been waiting for these my whole life!”


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Waiting for Santa

The kids left a partially-eaten gingerbread house made by Dawit, a cup of milk, a note, and a picture “made with love” by Lily for Santa.  I happened to witness the making of the gingerbread house, and if Santa only knew how much finger-licking was involved in its construction, he might think twice about eating.

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Crafty Christmas

Lily shares my love of creating things. These are the bookmarks she made as holiday gifts for her classmates and teachers:

This morning Dawit participated in the crafts, and we made Reindeer food. Oats and heart glitter with a bit of magic.

Then I drove the two little reindeer around to friend’s houses to deliver the food:

This evening we’re going to get ready for bed, and surprise them by packing them in the car and going to the Holiday Light Fantasia.

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Poetry Tea

Lily’s first grade class recited poetry today.  Each student chose a poem and stood at the front of the class, practicing their public speaking skills, and presented their poem.  Lily chose The Song of the Lily-of-the-Valley Fairy by Cicley Mary Barker.

Then each poet gave their grown-ups a book of their original poetry.  Lily’s had a special dedication:  To Dawit because he is nice.   This is my favorite from the book:

What is Orange?

by Lily 

Orange is the color

of beautiful tiger lillies in the summer.

Orange is the sound

of a crackling fire and a tiger in the zoo.

Orange is the color of the sunset in spring.

Orange is the taste of pumpkin pie in the fall.

Orange is the snowman’s nose in the winter. 

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In Ethiopia right now…

The government is forcing untrained civilians to patrol a rebel area.

NY Times article.

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Conversations with Santa

Lily: If the house has two chimneys, how do you decide what to do? What does Rudolph like to snack on? Do you ever run out of toys? Can you watch children anytime you want? Does Mrs. Claus ever go with you?…

(she goes back to Santa to hug him one last time before we go)

Dawit: ...and a Spiderman videogame, Webkinz, a robot, an airplane, talkie-talkies, board games, Spiderman books,…how much time do I have left? 

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Lily crawled into bed with me before sunrise, wrapped her little arm around my waist, and said:  Mommy, I love you so much that I don’t have the right words to explain it.

I know just what she means.

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