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Many people come across my blog searching for information on Ethiopian adoption.  I’ve found a wealth of information and friends through blogging this experience, and if you start clicking through the links in the sidebar, you’ll find varied experiences and opinions on adoption.  Included in my blogroll are also First Family blogs–sometimes referred to as birth family.   At the start of my blog, I actually wrote from Ethiopia.

Warning:  this blogging stuff is addictive.  There are a list of Ethiopian adoption blogs in my blogroll on the right.  Wanted to point out a couple of blogs that I have been frequenting lately:

Adventures of the Wonder Twins   Cuteness abounds–great blogroll

What the Heck?   Funny.  Seriously.

Give All to Love   Just getting ready to travel…

Swerl    Huge Ethiopian adoption blogroll

If you’re considering international/inter-racial adoption, check out the links in my blogroll regarding race and the adult adoptee blogs.  Also, be sure to check out:

Harlow’s Monkey  Views on trans-national and trans-racial adoption

Culpability  A look at ethics in international (Ethiopia) adoption

*Note to long-time friends of Meet Dawit–the local paper is publishing a story this week on Ethiopian adoption, and will include this blog.  I wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to encourage potential adoptive parents to gather info on all aspects of adoption…  feel free to add more in the comments!


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Proud Mama

We met with Dawit’s teacher while our kids waited in the hall coloring. He got a glowing report–right on target with everything. He is a role model in his behavior. His teacher got a little weepy talking about the amazing strides he’s made this year, and it’s hard to imagine that 2 years ago he didn’t even speak English. She said “he’s delightful”.

Lily’s conference went equally well–she’s got excellent work habits, is motivated to learn new things, and loves to read. She’s in an advanced group for math, and the PE teacher gave Lily an “E” for exceptional performance in gym class. Those of you who know me in real life will be surprised to learn that I could have a daughter talented in both gym class and math. Those are certainly traits inherited from Daddy.

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SCD Breakfast

Cheese omelette, crispy bacon, fresh strawberries, and cashew bread.

Not bad for a “restricted diet”!  I first tried the cashew bread from Eat Well, Feel Well
a couple of months ago.  The author describes how she makes 3 loaves at a time, because her family loves it so much.  I get it now…it’s so delicious!

I also made white bean ice cream this week from Breaking the Vicious Cycle.   It was completely worth the 2-day effort, and my daughter ate every bite.  I modified the recipe a bit by making yogurt with heavy cream, and I added pureed strawberries to the mix.  I used a Cuisinart ice cream maker to freeze it.  Wow–who would think that white beans would give it just the right texture?

Tonight I’m making a lasagna with zucchini “noodles”, and brussels sprouts with a brown butter and pecan sauce.  Tomorrow’s dinner will be SCD Burgers from Grain-Free Gourmet.

We’ve been on this diet for 2 years, and I’m amazed at how new ideas come up.  We go through phases of liking the same treats, and now there are several new cookbooks I need to add to my shelf which will offer more inspiration.

Ready-made snacks I’ve found for Lil’s lunchbox:

Funky Monkey Snacks 


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Happy Spring!

Please, oh please let it be Spring.  We’re ready.  Temps are in the 40s today, but it is sunny and feels like old man winter is leaving.

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Serious business

Clearly the kids took egg decorating quite seriously.

Note the matching artist berets on Lily and Emmy.

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I continue to pay attention to how Dawit reacts when I serve meals.  Now I’m mixing things up, and the theory of gender roles / who is served first is holding.  It’s not tormenting me as much now, I see it more of a social experiment than a personal attack on my food preparation.

Last week, I was putting dinner on the table.  The kids were seated side by side, and I put the food in front of them.  Each kid had a plate and a bowl.  I set down Dawit’s plate first, then Lily’s.  I headed back to the kitchen and  returned with the bowls.  I placed Lily’s down first, and then Dawit’s.  Without skipping a beat, he looked up at me and said “do I have to eat my soup?”

BINGO!  I’m so excited to have some insight into this strange stuff.  And I did tell him that he had to eat the soup, so he did.  Happily.

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First txt msg

John taught Lily how to “text” yesterday.  She locked herself in her room as she composed her first text message and sent it to my phone, then giggled hysterically as I heard the message and read it.  She was sure I wouldn’t know who sent it, that I would think I had a secret admirer.  Adorable.

How r you doing?  I love you.  Love your TRUE love.

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