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#1~In my years teaching 8th grade Spanish, one of my very favorite students was named Russell. This name morphed into Brussell, and by the end of the year we just called him Sprout. Wonder where he is now?

#2~My children recently entertained a woman in the produce section of Whole Foods by begging me to buy brussels sprouts for dinner. While they were pleading, I was feigning resistance, multiplying the desire of the kids. You would have thought they were asking for jelly beans.

#3~I actually had this conversation with my vegetable-hating sister on the phone:

Amy: What are you making the kids for dinner?

Me: Grilled chicken and brussels sprouts.

Amy: *silence*

Me: Do you even know what brussels sprouts are?

Amy: Hummmm….let me think. Alien heads?


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I was helping out at the library of the kids’ school yesterday, and I heard Lily’s teacher in the hall.  I came out to see her class filing into the auditorium to practice for an upcoming show.  Lily was waiting in line, and when she saw me, she turned red.  She couldn’t decide if she was excited to see me or embarrassed.  I said hello to her, watched her walk in, and she suggested I listen to the class rehearse.  They are singing in Swahili!

When practice was over, I walked with her class back to their classroom–holding Lily’s hand.  She showed me a few things at her desk, and it was time for me to go.  It was their lunchtime, so she asked me to walk with her.  As we approached the cafeteria, she stopped me.  “Wait.  I don’t want you to come in.”  So I kissed her in the hall and off she went.  Already she didn’t want to be seen with me in front of the big kids.  *sniff*

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We live in a neighborhood that is largely Jewish, with many Orthodox Jews. Over the weekend we’ve seen many families walking to services and large gatherings at several homes close by. This evening Lily and I were driving to Heidi’s, and we saw a man in the typical black clothes/hat with a long grey beard. I mention Passover to Lily, and she made the connection to the local celebrations. And then this:

Lily: Well, I guess tonight is a good night to pray and say thank you.

Me: What are you thankful for?

Lily: I want to thank God for making me Jewish.

Me: You’re Jewish?

Lily: Yes. I think so.

Me: What makes you Jewish?

Lily: (long pause) Oh, I mean Irish.

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Big Girl Stuff

Giving details of April break to Granny on the phone.

Helping to change Amelia’s diaper.

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Happy 40th John!

We are going out to eat tonight to celebrate John’s 40th birthday. We made a special book for him titled “40 Reasons We Love Daddy”. We are planning on reading it to him at dinner. Here are a few highlights:

From Dawit:

  • He took me to a real baseball game.
  • He’s always a good sport.
  • He lets us stay up past our bedtime.
  • I always have a blast with him!

From Lily:

  • He’s always there for me.
  • He laughs at my jokes.
  • He builds cool stuff for us.
  • He’s fun to play baseball and soccer with.

From me:

  • He always kisses me goodbye.
  • He can fix anything.
  • He sings terrific made-up songs about our kids and pets.
  • He asked, and I said YES!

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The food, you know. Dawit and his food. He likes to buy lunch at school, and usually will eat most anything that comes from the school cafeteria. (I can’t believe what they serve…low nutritional value, lots of starchy stuff, but that’s another post)

Friday is Pizza Day. A favorite lunch day. A must-buy-hot-lunch-day. So when I picked him up at school on Friday, he was fumbling through his backpack looking for a snack. He, of course, was hungry. I asked how his pizza was. Here’s how it went:

D: not so good.

Me: Uh,oh…didn’t they have pizza?

D: yes.

Me: Did you eat the pizza?

D: (at high speed) Well, I was eating the chips and I didn’t like the pears and I drank my milk, and Ethan kept talking and then we had silent lunch and I had to get another fork cause mine fell on the floor and…..

Me: What was wrong with the pizza?

D: Nothing.

Me: Then why didn’t you eat it?

D: It was shaped like a triangle.

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Heart Ball

The American Heart Association’s Second Annual Heart Ball happened last night at Mohegan Sun.  The focus this year was “little hearts”, and Lily was recognized during the program a couple of times.  One woman even mentioned Emmy, her American Girl Doll.  Melissa Zobel, a tribal historian, gave a blessing to the heart families, and presented a braid of sweetgrass to Lily.  She got a ton of attention at this black tie affair and handled it well.  And we met another heart family from our town!  Both kids looked adorable:

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