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Yesterday I pulled something in my lower back, and by 6:00 I was hurting enough that I had trouble standing up straight and walking. I decided a bath might help, so while I was soaking in the tub each family member stopped in to check on me.

Lily made me a card that said

believe in yourself, and don’t think about your back.”

Dawit stuck his head in the door with one quick question:

“Did you poop today Mommy? Sometimes that helps me.”

John asked if I needed anything. I said that what I needed was a hot tub with jets directed at my lower back. To which he said:

“Wait right here. I’ll go get a straw.”


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Birds and bees

Twice this weekend I came within a half and inch of having the “where do babies come from” talk with the kids. Lily is content with the idea that a woman chooses when she wants to have a baby, and the process starts from there. At this point, she isn’t interested in the actual process. Dawit, I think feeling a little left out that girls have this privilege, wants more details about how to be a Daddy. It’s been sooooo close, but I’m going to give only as much as they ask for at this point. They do know all the appropriate words for body parts and and functions–we don’t do any of those silly words. The talk won’t be a total shock to them, but I think I’d prefer to talk with each kid individually, so they aren’t tempted to get a massive case of the giggles.

I did break it to them gently that it would be very unusual for a brother and sister to be parents together…they took that hard enough. So Lily decided that if she couldn’t marry Dawit, then her first grade boyfriend would do. Or Ms. R, her teacher.

Dawit decided to press on to become an Air Force pilot (despite his fear of heights), and that he would be too busy flying to have a wife. After all, he plans on pitching for the Red Sox, and that sounds like quite a busy schedule.

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I teach Spanish to preschoolers a couple of times a week.  Dawit came with me to class yesterday, and played and read quietly as I conducted class.   I overheard this quiet conversation regarding Dawit between two four-year olds, one from Guatemala (D), one white (E):

D:  Who’s he?

E:  Senora’s son.

D:  He has darker skin than me.

E:  So?

D:  You know, I have lighter skin.

E:  My skin is the lightest.

D:  Yours is the best.

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A couple of examples of Lily’s irresistible charm, quirk, and unique perspective from this past weekend. It is a humbling experience to be loved by Lily.

  • she danced and danced front and center to 80’s cover band OPM this weekend, even falling on the floor with me to the B52’s ROCK LOBSTER. She was the only kid on the dance floor.
  • Last night, after she’d gone to bed, I found this happy face adhered to the bathtub wall fashioned from various parts of her shower:

  • Here is the beautiful poem she wrote for me for Mother’s Day:

I love you more than the

Elephant loves his trunk,

More than

Mother Earth loves her children,

And more than the

Rabbit loves its jump.

Mom, I will love you until

Polar bears fly.

I will love you forever and for always

because you are my Mom!

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Wacky week

A very busy week at our elementary school: book fair, plant sale, 50th anniversary celebration, Harambee festival, Special Olympics, and today Special Person Day and The 3 Piggy Opera.

Lily with her Special Person Leslie:

Dawit in his costume for the 3 Piggy Opera (the story of the 3 little pigs told opera-style by 80 Kindergarteners):

Now for an action-packed weekend with birthday parties and Mother’s Day!

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