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100% Puppy. She’s a yellow lab / golden retriever mix, and her name is Chloe. Her eyes are just the same color as her fur. I may as well have an 18 month old human baby.

Antics include:

  • In the dishwasher. Completely inside.
  • Wearing my cell phone and charger like a scarf.
  • Causing an emergency surgery (stitching) for an elephant Webkinz
  • Breaking-out of crate, leaping of baby gates to attack large herd of unicorns.
  • Sampling every plant.
  • Falling off bed while sleeping.
  • Peeing. A lot. On everything.
  • Breaking glasses and dishes.
  • Slicing the screen on the dining room window and hoisting herself thru off the deck.
  • Making the puppy face so I forgive her.

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Ethiopian Gold

I’m not a huge fan of the Olympics, but I do love that Ethiopia ranks 5th in number of Gold Medals won per country in running. Go Ethiopia!

Dawit is speedy, determined, and very competitive. In addition to pilot, astronaut, and Ninja, Olympic runner is now on his list of professions.

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Dog news

Hazel, introduced below, has returned to TN to live with the woman who rescued her from the shelter. She needs a family without kids and cats, and a behaviorist to work on her aggressive tendencies. We had several bites and lots of snaps and nips, we made the difficult decision to re-home her. I didn’t realize how stressful the situation was until she was out of the house. We were all sad about it.

In happier news, the same rescue group introduced us to Chloe, a six month old lab mix puppy. Photos and antics soon–

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Who needs lemonade?

The kids conspiring to make lots of money.  Remember their lemonade stand?

This time they’ve outdone themselves.  They will set up a place where friends and family can pay $.25 to view Lily’s Super Gross-Out Knee.  (biking incident earlier this week)  I mean, who wouldn’t pay to see a set of four oozing scabs?

Big plans are in place to spend their riches, they can hardly wait:

(They were actually making these plans when I was shooting the photos…I didn’t know it until Lily asked how much I’d be willing to pay to get a look at her injuries)

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Meet Hazel, our new pup.  She was rescued in Tennessee from a high-kill shelter, and arrived by doggie transport (who knew?) two weeks ago. I found this great rescue organization who helped us:  Paws 4 Rescue.  We are working on a couple of issues with her, but overall she’s fit in very well.  She’s successfully stolen 1/2 loaf of bread of the kitchen counter, and chewed Spiderman’s legs off at the knees.  She loves to be on squirrel patrol in the backyard, and enjoys watching the airplanes in the sky crossing our backyard.  She is a klutz, and much bigger than she imagines herself to be.  She’s not so fond of puppy car rides.  Yet.

In keeping with the tradition of using tree names for pets (Rowan and Willow), Hazel works well.   So far, I call her Nutty Hazel or Witch Hazel.  I am her human, which suits me just fine.

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A new hobby

Lily is in LOVE with Penny. She was a fantastic rider at horse camp this week–she has a knack for connecting with animals, and she’s a good listener, so she learned quickly.

If anyone has ideas about how to fund this hobby, just yell. Lily is already talking about moving to a farm.

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Yesterday produced some great kid-speak:

Lily must have heard John talking to our new dog about who is the Alpha Dog in our house. Lily was affectionately petting the pup and saying:

You’re not the Elf Dog. Daddy’s the Elf Dog here. Do you love the Elf Dog?

On the way to swimming lessons, there was much discussion about what skills the kids needed to master. Dawit still has some fear of the deep water, but he said:

Don’t worry, me and Lily can both shred water now, so we can be in the deep end.

On the way home from swimming, the kids were chatting about stick sand (you know, the kind you get stuck in and sink) Lily wanted to know if there is any stick sand in Connecticut. I said I’ve only seen it in the movies. Dawit, of course, knew all about where to find stick sand:

D: I think there is stick sand in Mexico. You know, they have mountains, deserts, oceans, forests. And those Petermans. I’ll bet they have stick sand.

L: Yeah. Dawit. What are you talking about Petermans?

D: You know, those things, they’re like triangles….

L: Dawit! You mean pyramints! Mexico isn’t the only place with pyramints. Egypt has them too.

D: Oh, maybe Egypt has stick sand, too! Mommy, where’s Egypt?

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