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Ethiopian Gold

I’m not a huge fan of the Olympics, but I do love that Ethiopia ranks 5th in number of Gold Medals won per country in running. Go Ethiopia!

Dawit is speedy, determined, and very competitive. In addition to pilot, astronaut, and Ninja, Olympic runner is now on his list of professions.


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In Ethiopia right now…

The government is forcing untrained civilians to patrol a rebel area.

NY Times article.

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Center Stage!

In Kindergarten, each student has the opportunity to be on Center Stage for one week.  It’s Dawit’s week!  We made a poster with photos of him with friends and family and pets, the classroom is displaying a full-sized Ethiopian flag, and he brought in a favorite book and music.

Today, his classmates gathered around as he described the photos on his poster.  He included 2 photos of his father in Ethiopia.  I’ve let him take the lead in how much of his story to share, and he was very excited to include his father in the presentation.  I sent a “heads up” email to his teacher and asked her to tune in during his presentation to see if he needed assistance.   This email was put together at 6:00am, after I had been up for 2 hours worrying about it.

The situation is so normal for us.  We talk about Dawit’s family as our family.  When I imagined the room full of 5-year olds asking potentially difficult questions, I wondered how Dawit would handle it.  What if they asked who the guy in the photo is?  And then why isn’t he living with him?  And then where is the rest of his family?   

They did ask, and he did fine.  He told the class his father’s name, and then said “and he’s also my dad”. His attentive and intuitive teacher helped guide the questions,  and Dawit was proud of how well he did.  Me too.  It’s going to take some practice for him to learn to navigate these types of questions and situations.  How much information to share?

On Thursday we are presenting a special snack.  I’m going into the classroom, and we’re going to eat as a class around the mesob.  Dawit has a snack of doro wot and injera planned.  Should be fun!

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Happy New Year

Ethiopia celebrates the new millennium with festivities in the capital city Addis Ababa.

Tickets for a concert featuring US hip hop group the Black Eyed Peas cost $170, two months’ salary for an average Ethiopian.

Full BBC article here.

Ethiopia 2000 with details of many celebrations.

Photos of the celebration in Ethiopia.

We went to our local Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant, and had a fabulous meal of doro wot, shuro wat, and injera. The kids had soda in wine glasses, and we took turns making toasts. They like the klinking of the glasses best.

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The Countdown

Only 34 days until the Ethiopian Millenium.

I would love to be in Ethiopia for the celebrations!

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In parts of Africa, up to 75% of the babies born stand to lose their mothers, who are HIV+, to AIDS-related illnesses. Without intervention, more than a quarter of these children will themselves inherit the virus. An entire generation is at stake.

Go check out this amazing organization.

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Toi qui viens d’Etiopie 

It’s an Ethiopian adoption blog with some amazing photo albums.  Scroll down on the left sidebar to access the albums, grouped mainly by geographical area.  Gorgeous!

It’s in French, but if you have a bit of the language (or imagination), you’ll navigate just fine.  Here is the link to my favorite section, all photos of children.

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