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I’m here, I’m here. Busy. Also there’s the pesky job, Facebook, PTO, and 2nd grade math homework. Back to the fun with kids:

I need to get this down before my kids stop doing it and it disappears from my memory. They have two topics they discuss in back of the white minivan: Cook Crabs and the Nose Mall.

You see, each time you leave the highway on an exit with a “2” in it, you’re headed for the Nose Mall. If you’re lucky, you have Lily and Dawit in the car to help navigate such a perilous situation. It requires special clothing, food, and a decontamination after you escape. There are hours of details invented and remembered and built upon.

Then there are the Cook Crabs. They are creatures that live in our walls, and travel on various errands with us in my bags. They are also able to teleport via baby-changing stations in public restrooms. It’s unclear if they pose any danger, Lily and Dawit are usually gleeful that they are around, but sometimes try to stomp them.

I’ve taken to simply playing along–they both laugh like hyenas when I ask them about the Cook Crabs at school. Apparently Cook Crabs don’t go to school. Who knew?


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Yesterday produced some great kid-speak:

Lily must have heard John talking to our new dog about who is the Alpha Dog in our house. Lily was affectionately petting the pup and saying:

You’re not the Elf Dog. Daddy’s the Elf Dog here. Do you love the Elf Dog?

On the way to swimming lessons, there was much discussion about what skills the kids needed to master. Dawit still has some fear of the deep water, but he said:

Don’t worry, me and Lily can both shred water now, so we can be in the deep end.

On the way home from swimming, the kids were chatting about stick sand (you know, the kind you get stuck in and sink) Lily wanted to know if there is any stick sand in Connecticut. I said I’ve only seen it in the movies. Dawit, of course, knew all about where to find stick sand:

D: I think there is stick sand in Mexico. You know, they have mountains, deserts, oceans, forests. And those Petermans. I’ll bet they have stick sand.

L: Yeah. Dawit. What are you talking about Petermans?

D: You know, those things, they’re like triangles….

L: Dawit! You mean pyramints! Mexico isn’t the only place with pyramints. Egypt has them too.

D: Oh, maybe Egypt has stick sand, too! Mommy, where’s Egypt?

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Yesterday I pulled something in my lower back, and by 6:00 I was hurting enough that I had trouble standing up straight and walking. I decided a bath might help, so while I was soaking in the tub each family member stopped in to check on me.

Lily made me a card that said

believe in yourself, and don’t think about your back.”

Dawit stuck his head in the door with one quick question:

“Did you poop today Mommy? Sometimes that helps me.”

John asked if I needed anything. I said that what I needed was a hot tub with jets directed at my lower back. To which he said:

“Wait right here. I’ll go get a straw.”

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A couple of examples of Lily’s irresistible charm, quirk, and unique perspective from this past weekend. It is a humbling experience to be loved by Lily.

  • she danced and danced front and center to 80’s cover band OPM this weekend, even falling on the floor with me to the B52’s ROCK LOBSTER. She was the only kid on the dance floor.
  • Last night, after she’d gone to bed, I found this happy face adhered to the bathtub wall fashioned from various parts of her shower:

  • Here is the beautiful poem she wrote for me for Mother’s Day:

I love you more than the

Elephant loves his trunk,

More than

Mother Earth loves her children,

And more than the

Rabbit loves its jump.

Mom, I will love you until

Polar bears fly.

I will love you forever and for always

because you are my Mom!

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We live in a neighborhood that is largely Jewish, with many Orthodox Jews. Over the weekend we’ve seen many families walking to services and large gatherings at several homes close by. This evening Lily and I were driving to Heidi’s, and we saw a man in the typical black clothes/hat with a long grey beard. I mention Passover to Lily, and she made the connection to the local celebrations. And then this:

Lily: Well, I guess tonight is a good night to pray and say thank you.

Me: What are you thankful for?

Lily: I want to thank God for making me Jewish.

Me: You’re Jewish?

Lily: Yes. I think so.

Me: What makes you Jewish?

Lily: (long pause) Oh, I mean Irish.

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First txt msg

John taught Lily how to “text” yesterday.  She locked herself in her room as she composed her first text message and sent it to my phone, then giggled hysterically as I heard the message and read it.  She was sure I wouldn’t know who sent it, that I would think I had a secret admirer.  Adorable.

How r you doing?  I love you.  Love your TRUE love.

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SCD Treats

For those of you who don’t know, Lily and I follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  (Lily calls it the Pacific Turbohydrated Diet)  It’s a diet designed to help those with intestinal disorders heal.  Many people have found their lives changed after trying the diet, after suffering from Crohn’s, colitis, Celiac, and other digestive diseases.  Even some parents of children with autism have had success with the diet.

Lily and I both have Celiac disease.  I’ve been sick since I was 13.  At that time (almost 30 years ago), Celiac was not on the radar for most docs.  After a bunch of tests, I remember a doctor suggesting to my family that I was anorexic.  You see, I got sick every time I ate.  So it was easier to not eat.

I had periods of my life where I felt well, without digestive issues.  Occasionally it would flare, and I would seek the opinion of yet another doctor.  I heard many possible issues:  spastic colon, IBS, nerves, etc.  I was told again and again that “you’ll just have to live with it”.  Living with it wasn’t an option–chronic diarrhea, painful, bloated guts, and constantly feeling worn out from it.  After the birth of Lily, my symptoms flared to the point that I could barely leave the house.  If I had an appointment, I would have to not eat for the 24 hours prior so that I wouldn’t have an “attack” mid-appointment.

I reunited with an old friend in the middle of this flare, and she suggested her naturopath.  Within 10 minutes of me crying in her office, she ordered a test for gluten intolerance.  A simple blood test showed that this was the problem.  She told me I had to give up gluten, and I cried I was so pleased that I could have some control.  We noticed that Lily, then 2, also had some wheat/gluten intolerance signs, so the two of us went gluten-free.

My health improved quickly and steadily for about a year.  Then I started having relapses, and Lily developed a tic disorder.  It turns out that I had done a lot of damage to my gut in all those years of eating wheat.  In my quest to heal myself and my daughter naturally, I came across Elaine Gottschall’s book Breaking the Vicious Cycle which details the diet.  I continue to improve on it, and  within a few months, Lily was tic-free.  And continues to be.

So, we don’t eat grains, sugar, or potatoes.  We do eat plenty of healthy food, and always focus on what we can have, not what we’re missing.  I cook a lot.  It’s worth it.  I’ve added a few SCD blogs to the blogroll, and created a category for SCD posts.  Here are a couple of samples of what we’ve had recently:

Butternut squash chips (sliced thin and deep-fried)

Mini-pumpkin pies

A family favorite:  Coconut cake

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