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Lily crawled into bed with me before sunrise, wrapped her little arm around my waist, and said:  Mommy, I love you so much that I don’t have the right words to explain it.

I know just what she means.


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At the dinner table

We were all seated at the dinner table, and the kids were doing surprisingly well with their manners.  Until this:

Dawit:  Grandma, how old are you?

Lily:  Dawit!!  It’s not appropriate to ask old people how old they are! 

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Life is good

We were completely smitten with our children this evening.  We played a board game, the kids performed several patriotic songs, read Henry and Mudge while snuggled together in Lily’s bed.  I caught them hugging and telling each other of their love for one another.  John and I sat and talked about how lucky we are.  Lily, compassionate and well beyond her years in emotional maturity, and Dawit, only with us for 1.5 years, but still advanced beyond his completely American classmates…

Then, we discovered the secret torture operation going on almost in front of us:

What could Sparkles, Moo-moo, and Unicorn have done to deserve this treatment?

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New vocabulary

I’ve always talked to both of my children like I speak to all other people.  I don’t have an altered vocabulary or tone to communicate with them.  Because of this, and because they’re both smarty-pants, both of my kids have impressive vocabularies and are confident to try out new words. (see Dawitish post below)

Lily is studying bats in first grade, so I checked out a book for her.  The level of reading was a bit beyond her, but we tried.  She read the title of a section:  Navigation by Sound.  She wanted to know what navigation is, so I explained.  Then she says “bats use echolocation for navigation. ”

I had to read the rest of the paragraph to understand what she meant.

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Each Kindergartner gets to take care of Buttons for one weekend during the school year.  Buttons is a gingerbread person, and he comes with a variety of clothes to choose from.  At our house, Buttons wears mostly his Red Sox shirt.  Dawit has toted Buttons everywhere with us, even buckling him into a seatbelt in the car.  Buttons seems to like the same foods as Dawit.  (bananas and bacon)  He insisted that I hold Buttons’ hand.  We are extra lucky, because we have him for a 3-day weekend!

In other news, both Lily and Dawit are hoping that the Sox make it to the “World Serious”.

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Who are you playing tonight?

I finally took the kids to one of John’s hockey games tonight. I have to say, watching an entire team trying to slam pucks in your husband’s direction is not easy. Add to that the number of f-bombs used by the players (in every grammatical sense: verb, adjective, adverb, etc), and it made for a bizarre family outing. One player on John’s team yelled ****ers so much that it inspired this conversation with Lily:

Mommy, what’s the other team called?

I’m not sure.

I keep hearing someone cheering for the Faukers. They must be The Faukers.

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Birthday wishes

Today is my birthday, and my kids spent the entire day wanting to wait on me.  Yes, this sounds very relaxing…until I realized (about 15 minutes into it) that this would mean I would spend a good part of the day coming up with things for them to do for me and then feigning extreme gratitude with each task completed.

So we went blueberry picking.  This took the pressure off me, and kept them quite busy.  In the late afternoon, I asked them to help weed the front walk, and they both protested.  Life back to normal.  Lily instead focused on making me a cake from dirt, flowers, and leaves.  We follow a strict diet called The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and Lily knows that making a cake without grains and sugar is no small feat.

She delivered said cake to me on her bike, proudly proclaiming that it was a special cake from the Pacific Turbohydrated Diet.

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